Eyelid Crease Exercises

the crease line exercise

These exercises physically stimulate a weakened or weakening crease. They can not create a crease or start a developing crease. If your eyelid crease gets exceptionally weak when you're tired mid-afternoon, these exercises are most effective.

Apply lotion to the eyelid
Lubricate the eyelid with lotion.

Use an eyelid tool
Find an eyelid tool that has a slightly rounded tip.

Trace over the ideal crease line. Perform 20 repetitions.
Trace over the ideal crease line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and move laterally to the tail-end of the crease. Never go in the opposite direction.

Perform 20 repetitions.

Holding the crease line exercise. Compress the crease with your fingers.
Use your index and middle finger to 'hold' and 'compress' the crease.

Tracing & Holding the crease line exercise
Tracing & Holding

2. LOOKING-UP exercise

In the morning, when your crease is starting to warm up, do not use your cell phone – or even read a book – because your eyes will be looking downwards, preventing your crease from getting the necessary first few hours of folding. If you must use such items, raise the object to eye-level.

In the morning, avoid looking downwards in order to help the crease to form.


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