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Optifold provides a cost effective alternative to double eyelid surgery or achieving the perfect eyelid symmetry. We deliver customized products tailored to your facial structure. We are committed to providing high-quality customer service to guide you throughout each step of your transformative journey.


  • 5/5

    "It's been almost over a year now since I last used Optifold and my evened-out eyelid is still going strong with no issues.

    Thanks for creating such an awesome product, guys!"



    Steven Truong

  • 5/5

    "My life has changed so much with this product. Although looks aren't everything, my even eyelids made a big difference in my day-to-day life. Makeup application is easier, I don't worry constantly anymore, and I am much happier."



    Joanna Cao

  • 5/5

    "Other tapes have stretched my skin out and made my eyes saggier, whereas when I finally tried Optifold's tape, my eyelid was actually behaving! My mom and I were both so happy since we were able to save thousands of dollars from eyelid surgery!"


    Irene Wang

  • 5/5

    "For anyone that suffers from uneven eyelids like mine, this is the best way to even them out without undergoing surgery!

    It took about
    3 months of continuous night wearing but the results are amazing!"

    Cherry Huang