“If anyone is looking for a non-surgical method of fixing uneven eyelids, I highly recommend Optifold!"

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve always had uneven eyelids, where one eyelid is a single eyelid and the other eyelid is a double eyelid. This made my eyes look like there was one smaller and one bigger. For the longest time I thought that there was no possible solution for this expect for eyelid surgery. [...] What really set Optifold apart from other eyelid tapes is the fact that they added the “n” tape which forces the top part of your eyelid downwards -this was very unique and I hadn’t seen before. [...] I’m really happy with this innovation. If you guys haven’t done so yet I would advise you to give Optifold a try if you want double eyelids. I guarantee it works! ” 

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"I got my double eyelids with Optifold!"

"Originally, I had single eyelids and now have double eyelids! This was possible thanks to Optifold. When using Optifold in the beginning, my developing double eyelids looked awkward, however, the more I used the tapes, the more the creases began to settle and look natural. Currently, my double eyelids usually last for one or two days after using Optifold. One of the best parts of Optifold is the customer service they provide. From the time you first buy the product, to the time you receive it, and even before you make the purchase, the Optifold team works together with you! They’ll work on your case with attention to detail and give you feedback. The Optifold team really helped me understand the product and apply the tapes correctly for my eyes. If you are curious about using Optifold, I strongly recommend you give it a try! I got my double eyelids with Optifold!"

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