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5-8 hours of crease-time after 2 weeks of using Optifold tapes

In your first two weeks of using Optifold, your double eyelids should be able to last 1 hour after tape removal. 

8-10 hours of crease time after 1 month of using Optifold tapes

Near the end of your first month of Optifold use, your double eyelids should be able to last 8-10 hours per day.

90% crease time after 4 month of using Optifold tapes

Within 4 months of using Optifold, if your work ethic is good with doing the eyelid exercises, your double eyelids should be able to easily last all day 90% of the time. Test your crease strength by taking a 2-hour nap without tapes and then seeing if your double eyelids can survive with or without additional eyelid exercises upon waking up. If you can't pass the 2-hour test, try the 1-hour nap test and work more diligently with your eyelid exercises.

Go without Optifold tapes after 5 months

If everything is going as planned by the 5th-6th month, your next aim is to see if your double eyelids can survive a full night's sleep. After going without tapes for one night, use tapes again for a minimum of 2 days straight, then see if your double eyelids can survive for two nights in a row.  Upon waking up, you are still required to do the tracing and holding the crease-line exercises. If your double eyelids can survive without the exercises or with a minimum use of the exercises, it indicates an even more advanced stage of progress.

Gradually wean off Optifold tapes

After successfully going without tapes for 2 nights in a row, test to see the maximum number of days your double eyelids can survive without using Optifold. Once you've reached your maximum number of days without tapes, only apply the Optifold tapes when your double eyelids get weak.

  • Tips for Care:

    • After removing the Optifold tapes, you will perform 20~30 repetitions of the 'tracing exercise'

    • After the morning tracing the crease-line exercise, you will perform 3 minutes of 'holding exercise'

    • Still in the morning and up until noon, to help the ideal crease warm up, perform the ‘looking-up exercise' by keeping your visual gaze above eye-level without squinting

    • Regular blinking will prevent eyelid swelling

    • Try to sleep 7-8 hours a day to avoid tired eyes

    • You will make sure to provide your eyelid skin with the healthiest conditions for forming double eyelids (FDEs), by making time for adequate rest and proper nutrition

  • Things to Avoid:

    • Rubbing the eyes will interfere with forming double eyelids (FDEs)

    • Exposing your eyelids to soapy water, sweat, or tears results in puffy skin will weaken FDEs

    • Looking down for too long in the morning will weaken FDEs, ie: using the computer or phone.

    • Eating too much salty foods or drinking alcohol before sleeping will cause puffy eyelids

    • Sleeping less than 7 hours will cause your eyelids to swell excessively

    • Sleeping more than 8+ hours results in excess water retention in the facial tissues leading to swelling of the eyelids