Starting 2022-10-04, Optifold only comes packaged in size 4 for both eyes. However, these can be trimmed down to smaller sizes. The availability of other tape sizes and individual eyes (left & right sold separately) is set for 2024.

Read how to apply and remove the Optifold eye crease bandage.


Optifold is a cosmetic startup that provides a competitive advantage to double eyelid surgery and a cost effective alternative to achieving the perfect eyelid symmetry. We deliver customized products tailored to your facial structure. Launched in 2021, Ray and Emma are committed to providing high-quality customer service to guide you throughout each step of your transformative journey.

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We are a pair of creators with a passion for doing things naturally. Our aspiration is to share experiences with our customers and grow with you together. We are doing our part to help you find your own.

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