Before purchasing our product, it's important to make sure this product will work for you. Please read through the requirements listed below. If you have any questions, reach out to us.

Do you have a compatible eyelid profile? 

• Combination of double-lid and mono-lid

• Combination of double-lid and multiple creases

• Combination of double-lid and a shallow, incomplete or broken double-lid

• You have signs of excess upper eyelid skin bunching up

• When you flex your eyelids, a shallow crease can form

• When you trace a crease-line on your upper eyelid, the skin looks like it can fold there naturally

• When you rub your eyes, a double eyelid can momentarily form

• Your eyelid profile is not angled too steeply

• Your eyelid skin is not too sensitive from the use of medical tape

• You have uneven eyelids not caused by an eyelid muscle or nerve deficiency/injury

• Both left and right eyelids are required to be equally strong. If this is not the case, please contact us before purchasing

  • Multiple creases

  • Double eyelids,

  • Double eyelids,

  • Single eyelids

  • Small crease,
    hooded lids

  • Ptosis or any muscle or nerve injuries

The ability to use Optifold properly ?

• Must have good hand-eye coordination

• Must pay attention to details when distinguishing micro-creases

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