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Eyelid Crease Advising Service

Eyelid Crease Advising Service

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Size Guide & How To Apply

Starting 2022-10-04, Optifold only comes packaged in size 4 for both eyes. However, these can be trimmed down to smaller sizes. The availability of other tape sizes and individual eyes (left & right sold separately) is set for 2025.


Your eyelid skin tension lines tell a story. The depth of creases, how natural the curves and arches are, whether there are other intermediate creases present and the accompanying position of the eyes that facilitate them to form; these clues and many more may hint of where the skin actually wants to fold and dictates the approach we take when treating your uneven eyelids.

Our personal Eyelid Crease Advisors will make certain you get the beautiful double eyelids you've been dreaming of by addressing the following:

  1. How to read your Skin Tension Lines to determine your tape size.
  2. How to apply the Optifold tapes correctly.
  3. Provide insights on possible customization of the tapes to exactly match your eyelid profile.
  4. Ensure your tape application technique remains consistently correct. (A common client mistake).
  5. When suddenly you stop experiencing progressive results, we diagnose for you what is happening and how to solve it.
  6. Which eyelid crease exercise to perform depending on the situation.
  7. Offer guidance on what next eyelid crease milestone to expect and how to speed up the process.
  8. Languages available:  English, Korean

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