I recently got uneven eyelids, now WHAT??

5 Things you can do right now to fix it.

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You wake up, you're feeling tired. You stretch, and maybe rub your eyes a bit. Then you grab your cell phone and begin catching up on email, chat messages, etc. Afterwards, when you take a look at the mirror, you finally notice it's one of those days. You have uneven eyelids.


Occidental eyelid uneven eyelids

First thing you need to do is understand the cause
to prevent 
it from happening again.


1. Stop rubbing your eyelids

Changes in the body will happen during puberty. Sometimes, these changes will be with your eyelids. You may start getting double eyelids, or your pre-existing double eyelids will begin to behave like single eyelids. At this point, you can't stop these hormonal changes. But, what you can do is stop rubbing your eyelids!

Purberty can affect your eyelid behavior

With indiscriminate eye rubbing, it is more common to interfere with double eyelids, thus changing them to monolids, compared to the other way around, of transforming monolids to double eyelids.


2. Get enough sleep

The quality of your skin depends on the quality of your sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, your skin will be puffy. The puffiness comes from the body retaining too much water in the eyelids. This will interfere with the way the skin moves, thus your double eyelids might become destabilized and turn to monolids.


3. Consume less processed foods before sleeping

Consuming excessive sodium rich foods, such as salty snacks and processed foods, increases the sodium concentration in the blood stream, causing dehydration and triggering the body's homeostatic mechanism, leading to water retention in the tissues and eyelids.


4. Do not use your phone in the morning

In the morning, when your crease is starting to warm up, do not use your cell phone – or even read a book – because your eyes will be looking downwards, preventing your crease from getting the necessary first few hours of folding. If you must use such items, raise the object to eye-level.

Avoid using phone in the morning. If you need to, raise the object to eye-level.


Eyelid Crease Exercises

5. TRACING & HOLDING the crease line exercise

These exercises physically stimulate a weakened or weakening crease. They can not create a crease or start a developing crease. If your eyelid crease gets exceptionally weak when you're tired mid-afternoon, these exercises are most effective.

Apply lotion to the eyelidLubricate the eyelid with lotion.

Use an eyelid toolFind an eyelid tool that has a slightly rounded tip.

Trace over the ideal crease line. Perform 20 repetitions.
Trace over the ideal crease line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and move laterally to the tail-end of the crease. Never go in the opposite direction.

Perform 20 repetitions.

Holding the crease line exercise. Compress the crease with your fingers.
Use your index and middle finger to 'hold' and 'compress' the crease.

Tracing & Holding the crease line exercise
Tracing & Holding

Client performing tracing crease line exerciseNow you have some ways to ward off those "bad eyelid days".

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Hi, i cried like 5-6 month ago, i cried for really long time and didn’t wash them before go to sleep and the morning after my left eyelid looks really puffy, and when i look closer, i think the it has formed a new crease on top of the old one, and the old one has almost gone, so now my left eyelid looks really big and fat, now its already been 5-6 month, and still haven’t changed, im really sad and lost my confidence, please help me.


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